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I might be in the minority here but I've never paid more than 60 dollars for a button down. All my button downs come from American Apparel, Express, and ebay.
B.Son Nudie American Apparel Kenneth Cole
A couple years ago I bought a horsehide leather A-2 in a size 48 because I use to be 340lbs over the past 2 years I've lost 180lbs so my favorite leather jacket has because grossly ill fitting. I was wonder if any of you guys know any good leather tailors in the SF bay area or if its even possible to take in a jacket like this that much and would it be worth the cost or should I just grit my teeth and order another jacket.
I shop at american apparel all the time and I can confirm their quality is indeed shit but i do by button downs from them just to wear casually when im running out somewhere.
No I just buy argyle socks from wal mart 3 for 10 dollars.
Honestly probably Nudies just because their cuts fit me better than APCs and I'm still not willing to make the leap to flathead or iron heart.
I'm skinny black and over 6feet tall the only thing I'm missing is the gay part can i still be stylish?
Quote: Originally Posted by who8mahrice Herringbone, houndstooth, glen plaid, and military-inspired Pretty much exactly the same thing for me.
I ended up with a 32x34 I might have to fast this week to fit into them but hopefully people are rightr about black coated finns running slightly bigger than the dry stretch ones.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mauro ^^I have oone pair left. Would you like me to put them aside for you??? best, mauro Can you just put them aside till like friday at 7am by then the money should be in my account.
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