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I've never seen them look good on anyone not even my uncles who actually particpate in real rodeos and do the whole western thing.
I wouldn't patch them.
1.Nudie Thin Finn Dry Stretch 2.Black Kenneth cole slip on casual dress shoe(Hay they were 30 dollars on amazon and i get more comments on them than I do when wearing my aldens) 3.US Authentics horsehide A2 4.B.Son quilted Side panel jacket 5.B.son waxed baseball jacket 6.High top Converse all stars 7.20 dollar korean no name brand grey button down I got from ebay 8.Tag heuer monaco 9.Ray Ban new Wayfarer 10.20 dollar korean no name brand white button down I got...
When done right it can look quite good, however I'm not even sure how one does it right it right It just seems to look better on some people than it does on others.
Like hypebeast AKA: Cheap mondays, Supra Skytops, Random graphic T's from Obey or Freshjive
Quote: Originally Posted by justtemple That's my best guess. Would smash.
Nudie APC B.Son Iron Heart Alden Kenneth cole Express(I like their fitted dress shirts)
Shit I came here to make stack jokes thinking id be clever and funny D:
Well one day I was watching the move "Blade" and I thought to myself "hey deacon frost looks pretty cool" so I started dressing like that and it eventually just stuck.
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