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Anyone here try the 501 Global Blues in "perfect worn selvage" yet? The pre distressing on these actually doesn't look that terrible from the pics on the levis site.
501 shrink to fits come in a 44 they're about as designer looking as you can get in that size.
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason Women are at the anatomical disadvantage for enjoying anal, so unless I hate them (then why would I have sex with them) it's not that great to inflict pain/discomfort on your lover. Unless you're both into that kind of thing. If you prepare her asshole right you wont inflict much pain.
Women who don't do anal.
The Killers Black sabath Louis XIV Zion I
I pretty much listened to nothing but KRS-One as a kid.
red jeans are one of those clothing items along with rocketeer jackets Id love to wear but I'm just too insecure and self conscious to try and pull it off in public.
They're pretty cool Id definitely rock a pair or custom MF DOOM or CSS vans too bad I've been broke as hell lately.
Oddly enough I just ordered a 3pack of shirts from AA earlier this week one of them being purple. I didn't even realize purple was in before I read this tread and started noticing everyone around me wearing purple. Perhaps is subliminal advertising causing everyone to buy purple suddenly O_o.
I buy 90% of my clothing online because its cheapers especially with discount codes and what not but when I do actually go out shopping i prefer to do it alone because most of my friends think true religion jeans and ed hardy Ts are the hottest thing a human can wear and I just prefer not to have them around.
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