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Quote: Originally Posted by meader Get yourself some Wrangler 13MWZ. Really cheap and durable. A classic pair of blue jean pants. Broken twill and exposed rivets. I agree with this
I prefer wrangler 13wmzs to 501s
Quote: Originally Posted by Stylish Pilot Just go to walmart and buy some raw Rustler brand or Wranglers Don't hate on wrangler.
Quote: Originally Posted by intelintel37 See attached pic Hmm if those are the new 501STF apparently I've had a brand new black pair for 2months with the tag still on them without realizing it don't i feel stupid
From everything I'm hearing I don't believe they changed the STFs to the new cut yet.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jekyll I've never seen STFs in a store. Thats odd all the local department stores around here literally entire walls with just STFs in different sizes especially sears.
About 3months ago in all honesty.
Quote: Originally Posted by NaTionS I hear and read all these great reviews about the Arcade Fire but I just can't stand them. Also the Arctic Monkeys. From my experiences with Arctic Monkeys their albums go downhill after about the first 5 tracks.
-I wear white tube socks 98% of the time -I still wear vans slip ons regularly -I tend to wear T shirts for a long long time even when they start to form holes and look all grimy
Quote: Originally Posted by robbie I wish levis offered more than one fit with a button fly. Srsly this I wish they made 511s in button fly. Also their new ad campaign is a joke.
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