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Wrangler 13mwz
No people out here are more impressed by True Religions and Affliction than they are by good denim although one time i did have a cute hipster chick tell me I had on nice self edge flatheads.
My USauthentics A2 flight jacket and my brown old gringo luna cowboy boots.
The Dresden Dolls CSS Justice The Prodigy MF DOOM Muse
I pretty much exclusively wear cowboy boots everyday all day I find that wrangler 13mwz's look the best with them on me but 501xx look pretty great too either way you can't get wrong.
1.Brown cowboy boots 2.Black cowboy boots 3.Exotic skin cowboy boots 4.Some sort of dress shoe (for funerals n shit)
Quote: Originally Posted by ataboada I think Ray-Ban Wayfarers would look good. yup
Quote: Originally Posted by spoiledone +1 - I can hardly stand wearing the shit while I'm on the bike +2
I don't mean to sound like an asshole but that entire outfit looks pretty terrible.
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