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I get my flanel shirts from wal mart I just size them down a lot so they fit slim I don't really consider flanel a fashion statement so I'm not willing to pay more than 10 dollars for a flanel shirt.
Burn everything and start over.
Levis 501xx STF Wrangler 13mwz(underrated jeans)
I got two super ugly shirts from my sister in law that have like skulls and dragons on them the black one says "cage master" under one of the skulls.
Usually you can tell just by touching them even a pair of one wash levis will be a good bit stiffer than the pre distressed stuff.
APC no doubt although I don't dislike Nudie as much as others on this forum probably cause Nudie was my first semi expensive raw denim brand.
Just 4 all of them being cowboy boots I have a pair of old gringo lunas, a pair of black justin calf skin boots, a pair of black lucchese boots, and a pair of brown acme boots. The old gringo lunas are probably my favorite clothing item I own.
Honestly Wrangler and Lucchese
New Self Edge Imperials
I drove from SF to Miami 3 months ago it wasn't too bad actually passing through the mountains in the Mojave and New Mexico was the best part.
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