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My collection skinny jeans I use to rock a year ago.
I have a jacket from them that i ordered a little over a year ago, the quality is actually pretty decent for what you pay and I received my order way faster than expected it just took a little over a week.
Yes I wear baseball caps quite often but this is because I'm a huge fan of the Oakland A's.
I did this with my clarks desert boots.
Best: Nudie Dry black coated conny Clarks Desert boots A-1 horsehide flight jacket N&F skinny guy elephants Worst: Red Wing crepe sole engineers Nudie Big Bengts dry heavy shitty horrible fitting gap chambray shirts
I regret spending 300 dollars on redwing boots and 200 dollars on vintage levis when i tried to jump on the work wear bandwagon for about 3 weeks.
Damn if these had came out a month ago I would be able to kop but christmas gifts really hurt my bank account ;_;
Eh its debatable because I mostly wear streetwear stuff denim, T shirts, etc and she wears suits and heels 24/7.
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