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They're boat shoes. They're not supposed to look new.
Those Quoddy shoes are gorgeous.
To MisShapes? The goth club?
Ha! Lewis Hine photographs! I knew it!
I've stopped trying and started doing. I've recently decided to stop wearing long ties, so I'll be raiding my dad's extensive bowtie collection before my next formal outing.
Quote: Originally Posted by whacked from another thread... Looks good Polo is LeTigre, jeans 505s, I'd guess. What sneakers are those? Adidas Stan Smith Skates.
You probably won't be passing it down to your children; but if you like it and can afford it, hit it.
I'm totally out of focus; but check out my dirty sneaker on that asphalt!
Say what you will about LL Bean quality; but they stand behind their products absolutely. If a button falls off in 3 months they'll replace it or refund your money.
Quote: Originally Posted by BrettChaotix I think the point that Rye was trying to make (and also BYucko) is that this forum does not pay much attention to the current trendy "fashions" of the day but rather to an overall attitude of "timeless style" in which extreme trends from extreme scenes are not as openly received for that same reason. Want to see what I mean - take a look at the selections from the Styleforum's Amazon store and you'll get an...
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