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I have a pair of brown leather boat shoes that unfortunately have a white rubber sole. I was wondering if it is at all possible to stain them darker so there isn't so much contrast with the upper. Any thoughts and ideas would be a great help. Cheers, Flo
I am very fond of my black and suede Mora's and would love to grab another pair of 10Ds in brown. Thank you, F
Tags only capture a fraction of the items.
I've tried to use the advanced search function to scour the B&S forums for my sizes (e.g. 38R or 10D) however it doesn't return any results. Can anybody explain to me what I'm doing wrong or whether this is a system limitation. If it's the latter, is there a work-around? Kind regards, Nathan
Thanks for all the replies everyone. I will bring the overcoat to my tailor and have him take in the sleeves. Should I... A) Simply have the sleeves shortened as per the "after" picture which leaves the cuff very close to the strap/button? or B) Should I shorten the sleeves and also have my tailor move up the strap (similar to the "before" shot)? How difficult is this? Any thoughts would help! Flo
Thanks for the reply Manton... Would an inch past the shirt cuff be ideal?
I recently bought a chesterfield coat that seems long on the arms as the sleeve comes close to my knuckle. What is the proper sleeve length of a winter coat, considering I wear my shirts to the bottom of my hand, and my jackets to my wrist bone? Any advice would help, Flo
What colors are the buckles on the woven belts?
I'm 6'2" and don't wish to be any taller.
I really love the RM Williams Craftsman with the exception of the heel which is simply too high for my tastes. - Would having my cobbler lower the height of the heel by a cm adversely affect my balance to a noticeable degree? - Is there any other factor I should consider before performing the operation? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Florian
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