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Do you mean 3.5 inches?
I usually don't ask for advice but I'm stuck when it comes to picking a RAINS jacket. I'm not sure whether the regular length or the long length will look best. Nor can I decide between yellow, navy and sand. For what it's worth, my casual dress is fairly preppy (e.g. APC petit standard or Commuters, plaid shirts, SNS Herning sweaters, random J Crew and GANT junk). Any help pushing me in one direction or another would be greatly...
I'm 6'1", 165 lbs, and wear 38 suits. Based on reading this forum I should be ordering a Small Chore Coat, but I'm not sure if I should get the Long version. For reference, I wear 24.5" sleeves on suit jackets that go to my wristbone and leave about half an inch of my dress shirt exposed. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, especially from those around six feet.
All shoes must go within 3 days before I move! Girlfriend wants them gone so make me an offer. Brooks Brothers Made England Short Wings Size 10.5D (Fit 10D) $150 Allen Edmonds Verona Size 10D $150 Allen Edmonds McCalister Size 10D $150 Allen Edmonds Hanovers Size 10D $150 Paul Stuart Maroon Suede Shortwings Size 9.5D (US) Size 8.5 / 42.5 (UK) Only worn 3 times $125 Stubbs & Wootton Canvas and Leather Slippers Size 10 Only worn inside for a couple of...
Very interested in the Green Settanta Mk1Polo. Can you sell it individually?
You'll need a much larger discount if you hope to sell these.
Looking to grab a pair of Alden Tassel Loafers from a fellow member sized 9C/E. Would these fit me if I wear 9D in Barrie Long Wings?
Nice tie. If the price ever drops towards 60, I'll take it.
This is too big for me, but I'm interested in how it would fit large. If this is also a little too lrage for you, I'd love to see a fit pic. Thanks, N
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