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Of the two that I have (Nudie SJDJ and APC NS) I like the fit of the SJDJ, but the denim's a bit too thin and the construction is a little suspect compared to the NS.
I'd say size down two, if only because it doesn't seem like one size down will do much for you in the chest.
APC will no longer allow their denim to be discounted, so I don't think you'll find any legitimate retailers offering them for less than the stated retail price.
Quote: Originally Posted by XenoX101 An appropriate and very to-the-point blunt sticky that humiliates all posters of said stupidities should be good enough, the fact that Sufu has a functioning, successful fashion forum is a clear indication that this sort of thing is possible. I don't know think the SuFu comparison is apt, though. First, people have to actually read the sticky (which would be true for any forum). Second, registration at...
Quote: Originally Posted by mainy SW&D has gotten kinda crappy, tends to be overhwhelmed with redundant / boring threads. I don't know if creating a new forum/subforum would stop that kind of behavior, though. Instead of people posting entirely new threads about whether their jeans fit or where they can find certain brands of shoes, you'll have people posting threads asking where they can find some designer's clothing, irrespective of any...
According to their website, BiG will hem your jeans for $30 if you did not buy them from their store.
I was thinking about getting some 008's during the summer, and these are the measurements I got from Gordon @ BiG for the 26 and 27: Somet 008 w26 Waist-29.5 Front rise-8 Back rise-11.75 Upper thigh-11 Knee-6.75 Leg Opening-6.5 Inseam-36 Somet 008 w27 Waist-30 Front rise-8.15 Back rise-12 Upper thigh-11.15 Knee-7 Leg Opening-6.75 Inseam-36 So, two things to note. First, the rise on the jeans makes the waist size deceptive. The jeans don't sit at your waist, but more...
Quote: Originally Posted by XenoX101 I don't want to be praised or complimented, I just want some honest opinions, you're all acting like class clowns and not helping me at all. Many posters' honest opinions are that you look like a vampire/goth/emo/whatever person. They'd be dishonest if they didn't express such opinions.
Two hoods are quite useful when you have to cross a wind tunnel on a regular basis.
^ You could try calling J.Crew (customer service, not a store). They seem to have that information on hand.
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