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Zappos does have a website for Canada, though it may not have the items you found on the regular site.
It might be helpful to us if you posted what brand/cut your jeans are and what the tagged size is. Otherwise, I'd agree that they are too big and that you should have sized down at least one size.
Whenever I've been asked out by girls, I've had zero interest in them. It doesn't help that they tend to ask during extremely awkward situations.
I think he's just jealous. Like, who doesn't want jawns named for a baby kangaroo?
pydbl, it may just be how you're standing/walking in the second and third pics, but the boot tuck looks a bit odd from behind. I really like the front profile (boots and all), though.
I don't know which is worse: why's Ed Hardy underwear or dunk-discount's thinly-veiled self-promotion… I especially enjoyed the FAQ page from dunk-discount.com. I was a bit disappointed, though, when the "How to use integral?" question had nothing to do with calculus.
Of the two that I have (Nudie SJDJ and APC NS) I like the fit of the SJDJ, but the denim's a bit too thin and the construction is a little suspect compared to the NS.
I'd say size down two, if only because it doesn't seem like one size down will do much for you in the chest.
APC will no longer allow their denim to be discounted, so I don't think you'll find any legitimate retailers offering them for less than the stated retail price.
Quote: Originally Posted by XenoX101 An appropriate and very to-the-point blunt sticky that humiliates all posters of said stupidities should be good enough, the fact that Sufu has a functioning, successful fashion forum is a clear indication that this sort of thing is possible. I don't know think the SuFu comparison is apt, though. First, people have to actually read the sticky (which would be true for any forum). Second, registration at...
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