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He's likely referring to the bottom zipper slide being up.
Quote: Originally Posted by Luddite Wait...what? http://www.sheknowsbest.com/6-suit-t...-need-to-know/ I like suits where "the cuffs are sewn to overlap the sleeves" a lot. Um. It's not her fault. I blame the writers of Esquire's Handbook of Style that she shamelessly lifted the terms from. It's, like, totally hard work to copy other people's work. Well, the one positive thing about this blog is that I now know that Keanu Reeves' beard...
Fading won't stop just because you've washed them once. How often and how long did you wear the jeans during that five month period? What were you doing while wearing the jeans? How visible was any fading before you washed them?
I can't stand Papa John's, it's just so bleh. Incidentally, my younger brother is in love with PJs. Domino's is marginally better (if only because it actually delivers in my neighborhood). I used to a be a fan of the one of local pizza places, but the owner now irritates me. Quote: Originally Posted by Tarmac As far as taste, the higher-end grocery frozen aisle pizzas taste better. Probably cheaper too. This is so true.
Quote: Originally Posted by Davidko19 If your new, get out now. you will spend too much money,you will check out other guys and you might possibly turn gay. I prefer to think of it as people watching, thank you very much. You also seem confident in your ability to attract mates, so I don't know what you're worried about.
Just because it's on Stuff White People Like doesn't mean you need to play into the stereotype.
I think I need to gain weight first.
When I first saw Pediwear, I read it as Pedowear… Let's just say I should stop reading things without my glasses.
Quote: well its comfort over style i guess It's more like it's cheaper to cut straight across than cut something vaguely parabolic.
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