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Just because it's on Stuff White People Like doesn't mean you need to play into the stereotype.
I think I need to gain weight first.
When I first saw Pediwear, I read it as Pedowear… Let's just say I should stop reading things without my glasses.
Quote: well its comfort over style i guess It's more like it's cheaper to cut straight across than cut something vaguely parabolic.
Zappos does have a website for Canada, though it may not have the items you found on the regular site.
It might be helpful to us if you posted what brand/cut your jeans are and what the tagged size is. Otherwise, I'd agree that they are too big and that you should have sized down at least one size.
Whenever I've been asked out by girls, I've had zero interest in them. It doesn't help that they tend to ask during extremely awkward situations.
I think he's just jealous. Like, who doesn't want jawns named for a baby kangaroo?
pydbl, it may just be how you're standing/walking in the second and third pics, but the boot tuck looks a bit odd from behind. I really like the front profile (boots and all), though.
I don't know which is worse: why's Ed Hardy underwear or dunk-discount's thinly-veiled self-promotion… I especially enjoyed the FAQ page from I was a bit disappointed, though, when the "How to use integral?" question had nothing to do with calculus.
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