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Quote: Originally Posted by TheDroog Why do I need to go to a separate page to do a search? Why do I need to fill in the letters "jFxCGY" every time I have to do a search? It's slow, and annoying. Make it easy. Let people type right into the search bar and hit Enter. Done. What are you talking about? Sure, you have to wait 15 seconds between searches, but there's no "are you human" things for registered users (who are signed...
Quote: Originally Posted by chrisjr I'd rather compare it to a slavery movie where a slave fights back against his white oppressors but, in the end, gets hanged. Danny Vinyard is just a young guy fighting back against black gang oppression. You know what happened right before the photo that is my avatar was taken? Three black gang members threw some white kid on the ground for "ratting them to the teacher", offers to help him up, and then kicks him while...
^ It's not especially risky. There's a reason measurement charts exist, and you can always call the stores if you're unsure about something. Return policies vary from store to store, but at the very least they'll let you do an exchange. Plus, many people don't live anywhere near stores that sell these brands, so buying online is the only option.
But those other people are wrong! Any person who honestly prefers Ed Hardy/TR/etc. has a couple screws loose. Bedazzled pocket flaps are a crime against humanity. There is no flexibility on this issue.
It might just be how you're standing, but the APCs seem large/roomy (if that's what you're going for, I guess that's cool). The stacking also seems a bit weird, especially from the front. How much did you size down?
Quote: Originally Posted by ekaJ If you disagree with this blogger, that's fine. If her opinion makes you mad, you've got issues. Your wardrobe is not 'above' anyone else's in the world. Sheknowbest's taste is just as valid as yours, it does not matter if we're arguing Ed Hardy vs. APC. Raw denim, perfect silhouettes, quality construction, etc. are things that people only like yourselves care about, the same way there are wine connoisseurs, art experts,...
I swear I've seen it available in small before; it's usually only XS that they're selective about making. They've probably just run out of that size (other shirts have low availability, too), so it comes down to a question of whether they will make the shirt again. You should call J.Crew and see if they can do a search for you.
Being thin is a curse, you know. Finding clothes that fit takes way too much work when designers/manufacturers pretend your size doesn't exist.
I'd second the looking into Asian brands. Most American brands (mall or not) will be too large for a 32" chest.
Quote: Originally Posted by slappysloopy I was wondering at what point you start to see fading on raw denim. I'm used to pre-washed jeans but I'm starting to see myself in a pair of raw denim and I think I'd like to put some work into my jeans for once. There's no definitive answer (everything varies, from how people wear the jeans to what the denim manufacturers do). Just wear the jeans and be happy with the results. I'm sure you're familiar...
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