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Quote: Originally Posted by mikegg But I mean, jeans are all I really wear, is it norm to wear the same 2-3 pairs of jeans like 4-5 days a week? Some would even do one pair for the whole week! It really just depends on how quickly you want to get fades, which will take longer if you have a decent 2-3 pair rotation. But really, as long as you aren't getting your jeans dirty every day, you shouldn't worry about them.
No. Especially not for $200.
The thing to consider about Zuriick is that their shoes only come in whole sizes…
Lady Conyers also likes losing debates to eighth-graders. link Sometimes I wish politicians would be faithful public servants, but then I remember that would make too much sense.
Quote: Originally Posted by crazyquik No, you go to law school to join a profession. Let's step back. The Dean of the state's premier public university law school said that a Blago-pick would get in if it would land 5 jobs for the bottom of the class, regardless if those 5 passed their classes or the Bar. Sure, it's mutually beneficial to the students and the school, and it's also a cost on the profession and the rest of society (or at least,...
The Tribune's coverage of this story has been sensationalist if nothing else. Yes, it's indefensible that the rich and powerful and connected can buy their way into higher education, but this happens everywhere. Public and private schools are all guilty of this (whether it's for institutional survival or a component of the "old boys network" depends on the place, I suppose), so the "outrage" seems a bit manufactured. Sure, I'd like to believe that college/law...
Clarks retail stores, some department stores (Nordstrom, others?), other independent stores. They're really not that hard to find, though you may not have the greatest selection of colors. Here's a store locator (though I can't guarantee these places will have DBs specifically): Store Locator
^ They're made in Vietnam.
I've always thought that that particular style of shoe was bizarre, what with the silly cat on the toe and the awkward profile (is it a big shoe or a small shoe, it seems like it is uncomfortably in between). I'd say white/black is the least offensive, but you really should be looking for a different shoe.
Quote: Originally Posted by erbs What's the consensus on wearing desert boots with shorts? I like the look, but I'm worried it's a bit affected/ J Crew catalog. Thoughts? This was discussed quite recently here. It works, but not for everyone.
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