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Whatever happened to minimally-adulterated color photography?
Brilliant. Simply brilliant.
^ Survey says… yes.
If only we had a control against which to compare our "stimulated" economy. Oh, wait. That's impossible. You can't just assume that everything would be rainbows and sunshine without the stimulus or that the unmet expectations are somehow reflective of government malfeasance.
Quote: Seriously, if she goes away and stays away, this is good news for the GOP in the long run. Why would Sarah Palin disappear? That would be letting the terrorists win! Besides, who will warn us the Russians are coming if she's gone? But, seriously, there are enough Palin-types in the Republican Party that getting rid of her is just treating the symptoms and not the underlying disease.
Fok, this link should work: Report …or not. Apparently, the CEI website is being stupid or something. There is a revised version (as of 6/27/09) of the report here.
One can dream, can't he?
I wonder whether Uniqlo would keep the Gap brand or re-brand all the stores… I suppose they could take the middle path and sell re-branded Uniqlo clothing in Gap stores…
Quote: Originally Posted by collinsjd Yeah because $250 bucks is $15 bucks. You better believe I will take all the measures needed. We are not talking about yoox, norstroms, etc, we are talking about a forum peddler who sounds like a high school drop out. As I said, you will hear from my mediator. You are quick to take my money but act like a complete asshole when it comes to giving it back. This says more about your character than it does about...
Quote: Originally Posted by Stylish Pilot Had ever intention of buying these jeans earlier this week. After reading the past few pages, negative. I was never sold on Crate to begin with, but this def turned me off to them completely. I think it's is unfortunate that one slip-up would turn you against the products of an otherwise quality brand.
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