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Whatever happened to minimally-adulterated color photography?
Brilliant. Simply brilliant.
^ Survey says… yes.
One can dream, can't he?
I wonder whether Uniqlo would keep the Gap brand or re-brand all the stores… I suppose they could take the middle path and sell re-branded Uniqlo clothing in Gap stores…
Quote: Originally Posted by collinsjd Yeah because $250 bucks is $15 bucks. You better believe I will take all the measures needed. We are not talking about yoox, norstroms, etc, we are talking about a forum peddler who sounds like a high school drop out. As I said, you will hear from my mediator. You are quick to take my money but act like a complete asshole when it comes to giving it back. This says more about your character than it does about...
Quote: Originally Posted by Stylish Pilot Had ever intention of buying these jeans earlier this week. After reading the past few pages, negative. I was never sold on Crate to begin with, but this def turned me off to them completely. I think it's is unfortunate that one slip-up would turn you against the products of an otherwise quality brand.
Quote: Originally Posted by mikegg But I mean, jeans are all I really wear, is it norm to wear the same 2-3 pairs of jeans like 4-5 days a week? Some would even do one pair for the whole week! It really just depends on how quickly you want to get fades, which will take longer if you have a decent 2-3 pair rotation. But really, as long as you aren't getting your jeans dirty every day, you shouldn't worry about them.
No. Especially not for $200.
The thing to consider about Zuriick is that their shoes only come in whole sizes…
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