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^ Granted, I'm not familiar with this brand at all, but a 10" thigh does not sound right for a 34" waist. You really only see thigh measurements that size with waists in the 28" and lower area. How did you measure the thigh?
Quote: Originally Posted by eddy98 Where can I get some printed tees? Since I'm still in highschool and it's hot as hell in Florida, printed tees make up much of my wardrobe. Any sites that sell them in XS or even XXS? Threadless has what you seek, though I haven't purchased anything from them since they switched over to their in-house brand of T-shirts, so I have no idea how they fit.
Quote: Originally Posted by DrPat A few comments about this: (1) MC and SW&D seem to have different attitudes to new threads. The "Critique my Fit" threads in MC never get a sarcastic response and most of the dumb questions asking something that has been asked 1000x before are at least tolerated. Perhaps a common policy is needed across the forum. I would say the different attitudes of the two sub-fora has more to do with the existence of...
Quote: Originally Posted by Razele Hello, could I please have everything on a plate and also not pay for it? Good silverware too. Quote: Originally Posted by Robert so you either pay for the gas and your time to go visit a brick and mortar to buy what you want, or you pay for the convenience of staying in your living room and having it delivered to your doorstep. OR you go to that red phone for the things that aren't in...
What can I say? I really don't like paying for shipping (especially when they basically set it up so that I would have to do so), but I am also lazy. Perhaps I've just been spoiled by places with free shipping or USPS Priority flat-rate.
J.Crew's shipping has always been outrageous. It sucks for those of us who can't find our sizes in the stores and would rather not trek to the local store to order from the red phone. I often try to wait for the free (with at least $150 purchase) or flat-rate shipping codes that wander the internet from time to time.
Quote: Originally Posted by andyliu52 i dont understand how theres so many <36R running around when all it takes is a couple of weeks to get most average height people (5' 10'' accordign to wiki) up to 38R. Because some of us are really lazy.
Quote: Originally Posted by Azure Go back to the zoo please. I was going to restrain myself and not fan the flames, but you seem like you want the attention. Shoes is shoes is shoes. So you don't like the PS shoes you've purchased. You've stated your discontent multiple times, why do you continue to seek attention? We know already. Besides, why would an upper-crust European individual such as you belittle yourself with the trite...
Quote: Originally Posted by raven37457 Thanks for an explanation, that was not so hard. a. your question about treating them has been asked dozens of times in this thread. It's also a very commonsensical answer, can be found anywhere, and probably would be something a shoe sales person would tell you when you bought the shoe. I thought this is the purpose of the thread. Whether the question was previously answered or not, maybe people use different...
So, basically, people shouldn't buy clothes that don't fit them? It's skinny jeans for skinny people, not skinny jeans for "I have thunder thighs! Why is it so hard to get these jeans cut for skinny people on?"-people. You'd think this would be blatantly obvious.
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