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It's definitely okay to wear similar sorts of things everyday. I usually don't deviate from the T-shirt and jeans combo, but I do add more layers when appropriate. Then again, my school isn't known for its fashion-conscious student body, and the school's promotional materials make it seem like the students still dress like it's the early '90s, so YMMV. I also wear these to class, work, etc. (weather permitting, and even not ), so you probably shouldn't listen to me...
Quote: Originally Posted by shoe thanks i saw that. but dont everyone measure like that in general? when someone posts up measurements on buying and selling, there is always someone who asks for the BiG measurements, but i would think the first measurements are done that way. I think it's the slight variations of how things could be measured that causes people to ask for a specific "standard" of measurement. People may have differing...
BiG sizing method explained (demonstrated?) here:
I'd say that the larger than expected waist size is due to the low rise (something like 8")... Anyway, ansem975, what size waist(s) do you normally wear? (I know this is potentially meaningless due to the rise, but whatever...) I've been thinking about getting some 008s but I'm a little unsure about what size I should get.
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