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Barney's Co-Op on Halsted closed around January earlier this year.
I was so sad that they ran out of my size in the olive twill; so sad that I just bought more stuff to compensate. Got the heavyweight stone yesterday, just waiting on the gunmetal canvas and horsehide 685s.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Bananagrabber Sanforized means that it won't shrink much if I soaked them then? Yes, sanforization is a "magic of science" process that drastically reduces shrinking from washing. Quote: Also, I think we may be talking about two different things. There is a "Lot 484 Warehouse" jean on their website, but there is also just several types of 484 slim fit jeans as a style of jean. Either...
Is the denim unsanforized? If yes, then you should be soaking them anyway. Even if the denim is sanforized, soaking while have cause some minimal shrinkage. So when you say "a little large" how "large" do you actually mean? The "no washing until your jeans can fell entire armies because of their stench" rule is really more of a guideline, suggestion, whatever. The dye will just fade differently* and the denim will be less stiff after that first soak (unless you take...
NS 31 would probably be better based off what you've said. Generally, you size down 2 for APC to account for the vanity sizing; further sizing down (or up) would depend on what you're comfortable with. You currently seem to wear 34" actual waist but sound comfortable and/or willing to wear 33" actual. NS 31 would most closely resemble Nudie Slim Jim post-stretch. As far as the saggy ass is concerned, that'll depend on you and how loose the jeans are to begin with.
If you mean these, they're rinsed, so not "raw"; you won't lose too much in the inseam by washing them. You could wash them once and get that minimal shrinkage out of the way and then hem them. And you can generally stretch the inseam while it's still damp to gain back the lost length. Since they're LL Bean, I'm going to categorically advise you that stacking probably won't look very good because they're likely not cut in a way that would lend to that.
Quote: Originally Posted by johnH123 I love how kitonbrioni gets people's bile up in the no discussion WAYWT. Speaking of which, why does that thread still exist? Quote: Originally Posted by randomkoreandude why does he even post? and posting in any waywt thread with no pics is retarded. whats the point? I was going to mention the blog, but I see hendrix beat me to it. People should just learn to use the ignore...
If the leather's genuinely cracked and not creased (like it seems to be), I'd say return them. Granted, I don't really know how Amazon's return policy applies to shoes (or this specific situation).
Hopefully, when you wrote "selvage" you actually meant "raw" or "unwashed" because they're not the same, and not really even related. (Note: I'm not disputing that they're selvage, just that that detail is fairly immaterial to this discussion.) As for the length, you have a couple of options. Obviously, if they're too long and you don't like cuffing, then you should get them hemmed (depending on where you got them from, the store may offer hemming services, which would...
I'd guess it's something someone tried on and returned and Amazon just sold it again. The soles (the sides, anyway) look too clean for outside wear. Honestly, they'll get beaten up enough that these initial marks shouldn't be a problem. And you can basically massage the orange streaks back to brown. Though, if the creases on the vamp, etc. don't match up with your own, that could be an issue.
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