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Gorgeous coat from a fine seller. A little big for me.
Gawd. What a lot of to-and-fro on the size. From the tag and the dimensions it's clearly an amply-dimensioned US36R, otherwise EU46R. But aren't all Zegnas on the ample side?
Warrengardner? Le nom de plume? Seriously, though, I've bought from this member before off-forum, and he's a great bloke with some wonderful stuff. I'd love that Caruso jacket. Not sure the bank manager would agree right now, unfortunately. Ciao! from David
PM sent on that Brioni polo. If you ship to Oz.
I'm guessing this is used? How often?
So the RLBL is still on hold, or sold?
Quote: Originally Posted by SirSuturesALot Thank you. Thank you so much. Now I can stop checking this page every few minutes. Looks like your agony/opportunity has re-commenced!
Great-looking suit. But I'm also a bit puzzled by the measurements. What's the tagged size of the suit? And just to check: the sleeves have been shortened to 25", is that right? As a 36/37/38R I'd have expected them to have been no longer than 25" in the first place. I guess I'm wondering too because I'm exactly the same height and weight as you, and an altered length of 25" would be a good 1.5" too long for me. I'm sure once the dimensions are sorted out and...
Ah, the ole Sydney vs Melbourne thing. It never gets tired, for some reason I don't quite understand...
From the pics the colour looks lighter than navy. How far too light is the colour in the pics? (If you get what I mean...)
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