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Tantalising photos. Hope there's more to follow...
Measurements would be handy. 34S is intimidatingly small...
Guards Red!? Should go very nicely with an old Porsche... Beautiful jumper, btw.
None of my business. But if you offered to sell to buyers outside CONUS, I suspect these would have been sold quite some long time ago...
There's information here. Basically, if I recall correctly, Sartorio used ot be a 'second line' of Attolini, just across town in Naples, and used to produce suits with a slightly younger, slimmer cut. I have a suit and a jacket from that period, and they're both great. The suit I think of as my 'poor-man's North by Northwest suit'. The jacket is in navy flannel, but with some remarkable colours flecked through it. I believe Kiton bought the label from Attolini, and has...
Beautiful jacket. In the interests of accuracy, though, I think that's a jacket back from when Sartorio was a second-label of Attolini rather than Kiton. Both the label and the fabric point to that, IMHO. Though happy to be corrected if I'm wrong about that. Not that there's anything wrong with that! Sartorio/Attolini produced wonderful stuff.
I think people will be looking for measurements. Especially shoulders and chest. It fits fairly slim?
I'm guessing the colour is nearer to life on the darker photos?
I'm confused. You've got multiple threads for this same jacket., I think. But one version has you posting only to CONUS, while the other has you posting 'anywhere'.
Clearly we all know how to use an internet browser, or we wouldn't be here. So why not use it to buy some proper shoes?
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