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I think people will be looking for measurements. Especially shoulders and chest. It fits fairly slim?
I'm guessing the colour is nearer to life on the darker photos?
I'm confused. You've got multiple threads for this same jacket., I think. But one version has you posting only to CONUS, while the other has you posting 'anywhere'.
Clearly we all know how to use an internet browser, or we wouldn't be here. So why not use it to buy some proper shoes?
Sold? According to your eBay listing.
pm sent...
Cool suit. Measurements would be helpful, though.
Hi rebel222, I'm happy to grab that final pair of RLPL sunglasses, if you're willing to mail them to Australia. Just let me know your PayPal address and total payment including postage by PM, and I'll fire off payment ASAP. Thanks, David
Hi Slewfoot, Do you have measurements for these? Gorgeous shoes: I just have a bad hunch they're a half-size too big for me. Which with loafers is a bit of a problem!
Yes, we really need measurements. Especially sleeve length.
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