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I made the mistake of wearing elatively new pair of Alden calfskins out on the town and discovered a small tear in the leather on the outside heal of one of the shoes. It looks like I got a bit too close the the curb and the leather ripples and ripped away. The leather that tore from the shoe is perhaps 1.5mm long and its still attatched to the shoe. How should I go about repairing this shoe? Thanks in advance.
They look identical to these premier collection AS: I purchased a pair of these and they came with some "bloom" like white spots on the heal. After some elbow grease, saphir renovateur, crema nubiana, saphir cream and wax they look wonderful.
Before this forum, I thought all one needed for shoecare was a tin of kiwi wax, a brush, and some old rags. After reading this forum, I have a drawer filled with: Saphir Renovateur Crema Nubiana 3 Saphir creams 4 Meltonian creams 4 Saphir wax 2 Lincoln wax 4 brushes Then again, some of my older (abused) shoes such as a beater pair of Bruno Magli Platinum series are looking better then ever!
Quote: Originally Posted by topcatny +1 That hilarious quote brought me to my senses.
Quote: Originally Posted by embowafa seeing creasing on the right shoe leads me to believe that this was probably the shoe that other people would try on and walk around a bit in. I would take them back and ask for an unused pair. JMHO. My thoughts exactly. The hassel of a return has me leaning towards keeping them. Plus in the end, all shoes get creases, the only thing that bothers me is that the creases on this pair of shoes is not...
Common sense kicked in. I'm keeping them. Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by JayJay I recommend Alden wingtip high boots or the SF boot offered by Leathersoul. That was my initial thought, but at 600+ they are three times his max. cost.
If the presser did not notice (or did not bother to check) the trousers over before pressing, all he/she did was lay it on a pressing machine and went about their work. Wrinkles that were thre before might still be there. If they noticed it, they could have put the trousers on another smaller machine that kind of looks like an upside boxing glove, and worked out those wrinkles.
Quote: Originally Posted by jmonroestyle Nope, that wasn't me. I know I am a solid 11 1/2 in the Plaza last. In fact, the reason I know you are a 12, is because you commented in a SF post how you would have bid on a pair of Alden, Shoemart special make-up, high top, cap toe calf boots on the Plaza last, that I was selling on eBay, if they were 1/2 size larger. Now that I have found a whole bunch of shoes I can wear comfortably, I have been mostly...
These new Alden models that can be seen at the Alden of Carmel site (sold by J Gilberst in Seattle) caught my eye. What are people's thoughts on them? I think the burgundy plaintoe blutchers look sharp and could go well with suit or more casual outfits. The cognac wingtips look awesome, but I can't help but think that these would not go well with anything short of jeans and/or sportcoat outfits in a shade of brown. I'm looking for shoes that are versatile enough to go...
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