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Restaurants that lie on their menus. I've seen Grana Padano, cheaper then Parmigianno, used and called parm. Sliced mozzarella used where the menu says provolone. Also, working in a kitchen, and seeing risottos made incorrectly, cheese thrown all over fish risottos and cooks who don't know how to sear a scallop, just sautee them.
My favorite has been Giorgio Locatelli's Made In Italy for the past few years. I also tend to find myself looking through The Silver Spoon often.
I would make two batches of biscotti and a lemon rosemary cake. I think they work great for large parties as everyone seems to love biscotti, and the cake is something old-world but most people don't eat. Also both items work great for the host/hostess as breakfast the next morning. PM for a recipes if you'd like.
I have been interested in one for a while. I have family friends who have one and absolutely love it. I was going to go the route of building one from bricks in place, but from some research, and speaking with an Uncle who is a chef, he suggested i could make one out of a metal drum. Which, yeah it would be smaller but it would be portable and such. PM me if you want more info on it.
Adam raised a cain- Bruce Springsteen (Live) Factory- Bruce Springsteen Picture in a frame- Ben Harper Everybody's got something to hide except me and my monkey- The Beatles Julia- The Beatles The Darkest Night- The Junction I don't want to go to chelsea- Elvis Costello Open all night (demo)- Bruce Springsteen Ghost Town- The Specials Lucy in the sky with diamonds- Elton John
Picked up I'll sleep when I'm Dead, Warren Zevon biography. interesting so far. I prefer biographies that are oral biographies with friends and family giving what they remember of the guy.
Are you talking about the clearance sale or whatever at the International Centre this weekend?
I think I pay $14 or $15. I just give him $20 including tip and we are both happy.
Quote: Originally Posted by JoeWoah Harris Teeter wants $7.99 for a little 4 oz. package! My gf loves them and spends this much for 4oz. Would it not be much easier (and cheaper) to but espresso beans, not necessarily Illy but maybe Lavazza, and a decent 85% chocolate and make them at home? double boil the chocolate, place beans on a sheet of parchment paper, drizzle chocolate on top? Or if you really wanted go buy a little pastry mold to...
I was, oddly enough, thinking about this this morning. I'd have to go with 'Dead Flowers.'
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