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voted too! #202
awesome. thanks a lot!
hi - was wondering if anyone could offer up some sizing advice for the service pants in comparison to the rivet chinos. i'm a little confused reading through this thread since sizing seems to have changed a little from generation to generation in the rivet chinos. i have the original rivet chino (with metal rivets) in a little snug 32 (i'd probably size up if i could have done it again). i can't find the old size chart for that chino either to compare. should i go for...
Found another typo:50% off a maximum of ten items durning the month of your birthday."during" is misspelled.
Thanks for the sales list!It looks like the Cotton Linen Madras Long Sleeve shirts are on sale. How do they fit? The measurements on the UK site make it look pretty loose fitting.
same here. i didn't measure, but i did a hot soak and didn't notice much shrinkage at all.
nope, you are right, i didn't order the oxford. hope you guys get your stuff soon.
sometimes USPS tracking is pretty messed up. mine still says "electronic notification sent" even though i got my stuff last wednesday!
Thanks for all the sizing advice. I picked up a pair of gios during their sale and went with my usual trouser size, and they fit great.I'm not sure where i had read that TTS=waist measuring the tagged size, but what you say makes sense. Unis describes them as TTS, and the measured waist is indeed larger than the tagged size.
I'm confused. i thought I had read that gio's run TTS - e.g. a tagged 32 measures 32 at the waist.anyone know what the rise is like on gios?
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