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Adding to all the duck questions.... does any know the measurements of the ducks in the Slim Guy fit?
which model of raleigh denim are these?
Were the Gunmetal Rivet Chinos a one-time thing? Or will there be a restock of them?
Quote: Originally Posted by cicero79 Hey, just checking again to see if there were any upcoming free shipping or savings code coming up the only coupon code i could find is for free standard shipping, no minimum: Code: DEC31 PIN 00007087
Quote: Originally Posted by poly800rock despite all the strife these jeans have seen, they look fantastic for 6 months. you guys didnt lie about the nature of the denim great job +1 randomkoreandude and connor - your jeans look awesome!
great experience with kent money. i bought an item from him, and it was a smooth and easy transaction. thanks again!
did you wash/soak these? Quote: Originally Posted by itsjustadrian I bought these in late march and I usually wear them about 3-4 times a week. I don't do any hardcore activities with them so maybe that's why it's taking so long to get signs of extreme wear.
i had received a similar message from papashoe, but i just got a cancellation email from them. i hope you guys manage to get your boots. Quote: Originally Posted by themaskedcorndog Can we expect these to be in production for awhile? I want some Darbys and/or Ascots like the bigtime but don't have the money at the moment.
any updates on the restock of the 3sixteen bracelets? Quote: Originally Posted by spacemanvt any restock of the 3sixteen bracelets. i want a mens tan large one.... Quote: Originally Posted by kiya Coming next week!
FWIW, I saw indigo and black non-selvedge Crate routes at Filene's basement last year. And all the black Routes were consistently and significantly skinnier than the indigos. Maybe the black models were all just cut slimmer? Quote: Originally Posted by stylesmurf The Crates are sized very inconsistently and strangely. I measured my two pairs of Crate Routes, both are non selvedge and raw. The Indigos are tagged 36", the dark blue/black ones are...
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