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Thanks for all the sizing advice. I picked up a pair of gios during their sale and went with my usual trouser size, and they fit great.I'm not sure where i had read that TTS=waist measuring the tagged size, but what you say makes sense. Unis describes them as TTS, and the measured waist is indeed larger than the tagged size.
I'm confused. i thought I had read that gio's run TTS - e.g. a tagged 32 measures 32 at the waist.anyone know what the rise is like on gios?
anyone have any measurements for the alpha khakis?
how is the waist on the Slim Guys relative to the tagged size? Did you size down?
Adding to all the duck questions.... does any know the measurements of the ducks in the Slim Guy fit?
which model of raleigh denim are these?
Were the Gunmetal Rivet Chinos a one-time thing? Or will there be a restock of them?
Quote: Originally Posted by cicero79 Hey, just checking again to see if there were any upcoming free shipping or savings code coming up the only coupon code i could find is for free standard shipping, no minimum: Code: DEC31 PIN 00007087
Quote: Originally Posted by poly800rock despite all the strife these jeans have seen, they look fantastic for 6 months. you guys didnt lie about the nature of the denim great job +1 randomkoreandude and connor - your jeans look awesome!
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