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Any US buyers take advantage of Krane's Boxing Day sale? I missed out this year due to lack of funds. But I was wondering for future reference if there was a customs hit from ordering from Krane direct. Thanks!
Cool, thanks for your response! Fit pics would be awesome. Have fun enjoying them.
I was looking into saving up for those Black Stanton IDCs too. How did you size them? How do they fit?Also, this is a weird question but do they smell? I've had other black denim that had that sulphur smell, just wondering if these did too. Thanks
Thanks for the advice - i appreciate it!
Does anyone own the black camo bush pants? Wondering how to size them - I've seen differing measurements on them, although it seems like maybe size down 1? Thanks.
i was also looking forward to that heather green.has anyone bought a scarf? was thinking of grabbing one for the wife.
Oxfords are $55, cashmere is $120
did you end up finding a DIY fix for the holes in your shirt? just discovered two small holes in my muted grey v-neck and was looking for a fix.
voted too! #202
awesome. thanks a lot!
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