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Anyone know if the henleys will bleed since they are indigo dyed?
They'd were just too big. I sized up 1 because I was afraid of a super slim fit. The fit was okay except the armholes were too big : I felt like I had wings. Managed to score a medium from cncpts and it fit much better.
Not sure if it helps but I sent one back to johnelliott yesterday morning. Sorry! If only you posted a little earlier.
i'm looking forward to the "Faribault Mills blanket lined field tan waxed canvas Supply Jacket". blueowl had a preview of it along with chambray jumper and 16.75 oz denim.http://blueowlworkshop.blogspot.com/2014/03/rogue-territory-fallwinter-2014-preview.html
Are the mesh items an online exclusive, or will they eventually be carried by stockists?
The rewards program coupon is emailed to you, so there is no physical shipping. Just pick "local pickup" as your shipping option.I only have a handful of WvG oxfords, but none of them have had any asymmetry issues.
yeah, i am. i am only seeing the discount applied to one tee.Edit: seems to be working now.
thanks for the tip!
i had the bottom rivet pop off as well. but i guess i'm a little rough on them - too lazy to unbutton each rivet, i just sort of yank.
looking forward to this! when will these be available? don't want to miss out!
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