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Just wanted to say, thank you for creating the crewneck thermal sweaters! Digging out from the Snowmaggedon up here in the NE, and it kept me very warm and toasty!
I have a Med BD in floral chambray. At its narrowest, it looks like 19.5". At the waist, it is about 20".I have a Small BD in one of the newer overdyes (which ran a size bigger). At it's narrowest it is 19.5". The waist is around 20.75"They've been through the wash a few times, but not the dryer. hope that helps.
are the marled silver mittens sold out? i don't see them on the site anymore. the cranberry mittens are still on the site even though they are sold out. thanks!
Me too. I like the charcoal that notwithit provided.And hooray for button fly!
What size did you get? And what is your usual suit size? Thanks! I'm interested in it as well but have found their online measurements to not be reliable
i'm a little smaller than you, and had the same problem when i sized up to a L. i felt the armholes were very big near the shoulder, so when i lifted up my arms, i felt like i was wearing a wingsuit or something.
Anyone know if the henleys will bleed since they are indigo dyed?
They'd were just too big. I sized up 1 because I was afraid of a super slim fit. The fit was okay except the armholes were too big : I felt like I had wings. Managed to score a medium from cncpts and it fit much better.
Not sure if it helps but I sent one back to johnelliott yesterday morning. Sorry! If only you posted a little earlier.
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