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I'm 5'10" and around 165
Yeah I thought the tees preorder was coming out too. I was pumped for those.FWIW, I feel like i was between a small and medium BD. I find the 41 BD to be perfect.
Thanks for organizing this. I'm surprised Mauro didn't just put together a survey himself. Pretty excited about all the different tee fabric options! I just hope they can get finished during the summer!When I found out you could MTO the chinos (I had always thought MTO was just for the button downs), I had asked Mauro if the tees could also be MTO - and he did say that it was an option. Not sure if he was referring to just the bamboo tees, or this batch with different...
awesome! i always wanted Mauro to make a lighter-weight henley in the bamboo fabric
is there a current code for isaora? was thinking of picking some of the isaora leggings as well.
Thanks for the updates! I'm glad to see there is going to be an elastic waist + drawstring offering, much like the original sweat knickers. i'm a fan of a faded navy or grey myself.
No I haven't. Although a few items just popped up on their instagram - an ISC jacket, a pine ridgeline vest, and a raw chambray jumper shirt.
FYI: Rogue territory discounted a number of items on their website to make way for SS16
Thanks for your review. Looking forward to hearing your post dry results.So when you said "Sizing pretty true to size, a 31 is a 31. +1", you mean a tagged 31 is 31 inches in the waist right? Very different than other rrl denim I have - but sizing is always a crap shoot!
thanks for the info. appreciate it!
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