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Thanks for the headsup! I've been hoping he'd make the work trousers again.
Totally agree! Had a great experience with Zissou, and he makes a great belt. Lots of options too.
Did you ever get a pair of the swim trunks? I was thinking about getting a pair, but I seem to fall inbetween sizes since there is only even sizes. I assume it's best to size up then since they are draw-string, but was wondering if anyone actually had any experience with them.Thanks!
any plans to restock sizes on the existing rivet chinos? i was looking at the brushed graphite ones. thanks!
Are you normally a 38 and find it snug? Or did you size down?
Fwiw, I got it to work by trying a different web browser.
Glad to hear the jacket is awesome. How did you size the Jonas and Emory? Is 36 your usual suit jacket size? I looked at the measurements, and they look huge, but I assume its because of the lining. Thanks.And that's really nice of Ken to work with you regarding the UPS fees!
Really appreciate the info. Thanks again, now it's time to save up.
Any US buyers take advantage of Krane's Boxing Day sale? I missed out this year due to lack of funds. But I was wondering for future reference if there was a customs hit from ordering from Krane direct. Thanks!
Cool, thanks for your response! Fit pics would be awesome. Have fun enjoying them.
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