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no it does not.
My flannel also arrived, and I love it. I had actually forgotten which fabric I had chosen So it was a pleasant surprise. I love the fit and how they made sure that the pattern lines up in the front of the shirt.
Wow love that Donegal basket weave!
same here. got the shipping notice but it's still stuck in pre-shipment
On Instagram, he says he will have exciting news tomorrow
Here you go. Smoke (underneath) vs glacier
Kind of hard to get good measurements on the henley because the material is so stretchy. My best estimate for my medium hunter green henleys2s : 16 3/4“p2p : 20“Length (back) : 29“
Pretty sure those are not Glacier. I have the glacier and it is a very pale grey color.I have the smoke too but can't find it. If I do I'll post a pic comparing the two.
Nope, still waiting on that as well.
Yeah, no one has gotten the Avocetta. Did anyone order the Verbena tee and get it?
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