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Dug this out from an old newsletter email
I asked Mauro about the other melange wools because I was interested in the green melange as well. He saidSo he can't get any of the green or charcoal melange fabric.bummer!
was looking for the marled green merino tee from the blog... but only see the marled wine.
Awesome. Much appreciated
do you remember which ebay seller it was? I did the recommended search, and while there are a lot of bags around the $30 price range, none of them quite look like the one you have here.
Yes me too! I definitely need to use a shoe horn to get them on. Glad to hear I'm not the only one
As someone who is between a BD Small and Medium, I much prefer the Italian sizing because I can get a better fitting shirt "off-the-rack"It might be helpful for people if there was a translation between the American sizes and the Italian sizes. e.g. a BD Small is a BD XYZ in Italian sizing. I personally just went with the size chart and got the right size right off the bat.Best wishes for the surgery and a speedy recovery.
Yeah I have never seen the comment box on my phone, only on my desktop.
yes, it's on the blog. http://www.wolfvsgoat.com/blogs/blog/bamboo-sorona-pre-orderhaven't heard of anything to the contrary.
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