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Rogue Territory will have 30% off select styles. Starting WED the 23th at 9 PM PST / Midnight EST until MON the 28th at Midnight PST / 3AM EST on the 29th. with code RGTBLKFRI2016
Got my Opossum shirt too. I like the fabric a lot - it's quite different than the bamboo sorona. Feels more substantial. I also had a Verbeena shirt in that order, but like GoodTwillHuntin, I'm missing that too.So this happened twice to me. I think it's pretty nice of Mauro to eat the extra shipping and send them as they are completed. But I think it would probably save him some headaches if he just noted the fact on the shipping invoice so you knew that it was to be...
Thanks for the suggestion. I emailed Mauro again, and he replied right away (which is what typically happens).Turns out the American Summer tencel shirts are still being made. My shipping invoice and emails just didn't reflect it.Also got my bamboo sorona shirts... love the increased length. But my storm blue and deep sea blue shirts are definitely lighter than on the website. still very happy with them
seems like everything is starting to come in... just got a shipping notification for the non-bamboo limited edition t-shirts preordered early in the summer. BTW - has anyone been able to reach Mauro by email? I had a problem with one of my orders (something was missing from one shipment). reached out to him by email, but haven't heard back. found it odd because he's usually super responsive.
Dug this out from an old newsletter email
I asked Mauro about the other melange wools because I was interested in the green melange as well. He saidSo he can't get any of the green or charcoal melange fabric.bummer!
was looking for the marled green merino tee from the blog... but only see the marled wine.
Awesome. Much appreciated
do you remember which ebay seller it was? I did the recommended search, and while there are a lot of bags around the $30 price range, none of them quite look like the one you have here.
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