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Here you go. Smoke (underneath) vs glacier
Kind of hard to get good measurements on the henley because the material is so stretchy. My best estimate for my medium hunter green henleys2s : 16 3/4“p2p : 20“Length (back) : 29“
Pretty sure those are not Glacier. I have the glacier and it is a very pale grey color.I have the smoke too but can't find it. If I do I'll post a pic comparing the two.
Nope, still waiting on that as well.
Yeah, no one has gotten the Avocetta. Did anyone order the Verbena tee and get it?
How do we input both codes? I only seem to be able to get it to accept one code or the other. Thanks.
I'd drop Mauro a note asking about it. I have lots of Wolf vs Goat stuff and never have had any quality issues.
Also got my camper tee (merino / primaloft) and "not so basic longsleeve" (tencel / wool) shirts. I LOVE the "not so basic" shirt. The fabric is incredible! Extremely soft and comfortable! I can see why you wore it for 36 hours!The camper tee seems to be cut slimmer - which is okay for me because I was planning on wearing it as a base layer.But I'm also bummed out that they are both dry clean only. Maybe in the future Mauro can post in advance whether items are dry...
Rogue Territory will have 30% off select styles. Starting WED the 23th at 9 PM PST / Midnight EST until MON the 28th at Midnight PST / 3AM EST on the 29th. with code RGTBLKFRI2016
Got my Opossum shirt too. I like the fabric a lot - it's quite different than the bamboo sorona. Feels more substantial. I also had a Verbeena shirt in that order, but like GoodTwillHuntin, I'm missing that too.So this happened twice to me. I think it's pretty nice of Mauro to eat the extra shipping and send them as they are completed. But I think it would probably save him some headaches if he just noted the fact on the shipping invoice so you knew that it was to be...
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