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anyone know how needles coverall jackets fit? TTS? http://unionmadegoods.com/product/needles-wool-denim-coverall-jacket-with-china-button-in-indigo/
EG cotton Andover Jacket from Spring/Summer 2009. Worn 1-2x. Fits true to size/typical EG sizing. Great lightweight piece of summer. Shoulder 17.0 in Chest 19.0 in Sleeve 24.25 in Includes continental US shipping. Open to Offers Thanks!
which blue oxford is that? the true blue? looks great
I might've missed this, but what are the changes with the new "Long" style. Is it just the sleeves are lengthened or the body as well?
Just wanted to re-iterate that if you're in DC, get a tote and Mauro will hook you up. Ordered a AD in Sea Foam (such an amazing color), not only did he drop it off on his way to do an errand, but I got a ton of buttons to replace the ones I've chipped on previous shirts. Truly believe that Mauro is trying to provide the best customer service.
went around 4:00 pm - great prices on the outerwear; only a grey duffle in XL. i also think someone picked up the last wool vests in S while I was there (still some M and XL). I picked up a pair of grey straights in 28 (good selection of cuts for the smaller sizes). also, the coffee was amazing.
What kind of lining is on the trench and is it removable? Also, did they offer a khaki/tan color?
For people who have gone to past launches, how long was the line at opening? If I showed up around noon, what kind of wait can I expect?
Picked these up when Mauro was he was selling them in March. NWT - just got a chance to try them on now (they were sitting in their package for the last month while I was away) and they are a size too big for me. Willing to trade for a size 28 or sell for $57 shipped (same price I paid). Due to work, I may not be able to get these shipped out until Thursday. Measurements (BiG) - taken from several others threads Waist - 15 Front Rise - 11.25 Back Rise -...
New Posts  All Forums: