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I'd also recommend trying Vibrams. It will likely take a little time to build up your muscles in feet and legs to handle not running in typical running shoes. You will also probably need to move to a more forward or mid-foot strike rather than a heel strike. But if you start slow and give your body time to adjust, I think you will appreciate the change.
Yes, "<<" Quote: Originally Posted by wrenhunter (is there a math symbol for "ridiculously less"?)
Quote: Originally Posted by js4design i'm going to try some of these on this week. the only thing i'm concerned about is that i use the nike+ipod to track my runs and i'm not sure how i can attach the chip to these shoes securely. I got the Vibram FiveFinger KSO's and the Nike chip fits perfectly on top of my foot beneath the stretchy webbing. I don't even feel the chip. Best, http://www.kendallgiles.com/kegblog/
I've been happy with the Asics Budokan: http://zeta.zappos.com/product/7286616/color/2309 Note that I am not a power-lifter nor am I a marathoner - I just wanted a shoe I could use in a cross-training environment. I found that the typical squishy running shoe was of no use when lifting, and, for me at least, promoted poor form even when running: http://www.kendallgiles.com/kegblog/...ow_to_run.html NB: The OP's shin splints may be a function of the shoe he is...
As for pullup bars, I like the Creative Fitness Door Gym, which I got for $49 at Amazon. It does not screw into the door frame, and sounds much like the one Jumbie mentioned. The picture on Amazon is poor, in my opinion - I have a better pic and some more comments about it here: http://www.kendallgiles.com/kegblog/...vel_chinu.html Best,
Last summer I needed to replace my backpack and settled on the timbuk2 commute bag. Some comments on the bag and my selection criteria: http://www.kendallgiles.com/kegblog/...e_messeng.html I also sometimes use this one from customhide: http://www.customhide.com/1945_US_ar...briefcase.html
I have used this bag daily for about a year: Best, www.kendallgiles.com
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