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I wouldn't have it this way if I could! White tie looks nice, but, I think it lessens the seriousness of something that should be a discussion about the work. Anyway, my PhD is in The Netherlands, at a University which is overly worried about appearing too young - so White Tie is in the defence regulations. In comparison, older universities do not have such regulations. So, there you go! It's not even held in the evening... p.s. the PhD is in logic-based Artificial...
Hi, I have to wear white tie to my PhD defence. I will be buying a shirt, MTM, shoes and the bow-tie myself. However, that still lives me with the trousers, evening tailcoat and white waistcoat. The main thing is that it fits well - I was wondering if there are any recommendations in the UK for rentals that will measure me correctly etc. ? Moreover, I assume places like Moss Bros are awful - is this correct and is there anywhere else I should avoid? If it is in the North...
Hi, I want to make a t-shirt for my girlfriend's birthday based on some high-quality images. This isn't meant to be a novelty item, but instead a part of well-thought out gift I've put some effort into, so I'd like to know what the options are. So, does anyone know what the main techniques used in t-shirt printing are and their relative benefits and shortcomings, and any companies worth looking at? Many thanks!
Hi, I have lived in The Netherlands for over a year now (coming from the UK). So, I am quite used to being able to buy some okay fitting tees and stuff from Uniqlo etc. Unfortunately, clothes aren't people's biggest concern here (neither is food, but that's another matter). I was just wondering where I can buy some decent staples, in particular tees? Ideally plain, different colours, maybe some with a few nice graphics... not expensive. I don't want to go to Antwerp, but...
I'm surprised so many are sad of their demise, I have found the cut to be very off. Very boxy and unflattering. Similarly priced Hackett on the other hand seems to have got the cut right.
Just dress like the guys in this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M1V4mlaF_UU
I don't care for the expensive > less expensive argument (either way). But just wanted to add that for me black shoes have been the least economical, once they're scuffed they look completely stupid. Brown shoes seem to be able to take a bit of scuffing but black I've always just got these white marks showing through (Crockett and Jones).
Summary, I want to dye some Riviera Trousers from Hackett. They're cotton in mint green and I would like to dye them navy probably to cover up some whiskey stains. Longer story: I bought them on Saturday and stupidly wore them to a bar the same day. Anyway, a friend of mine decided to pick up my drink and start dancing but instead of dancing around the drink she held it up and waved it around spilling it on everyone. She did this twice. She also hit a British television...
I bought a cream v-neck sweat from Uniqlo. I have bought previous sweaters from them before so didn't think to try it on. Unfortunately, because this is a lighter colour my shirt underneath shows through (especially the buttons!). Is there any use for this sweater whatsoever? It looks particularly dreadful with a pink shirt underneath, a white shirt less so but still not wearable. Also, consider this a warning
I'm not fond of it, I find it makes me feel down. At best it's mediocre. I just don't see the point. I'd much rather take MDMA, Speed or Ket. All three of which seem far more popular at the parties I go to.
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