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As the title says, I have to do a quick trip to Chicago for a day (mid-week) and will be staying overnight in the city.I'll be tied up most of the day but will have an afternoon to myself. I'm looking for advice on what stores to visit. Budget is liberal and won't mind some stuff you won't normally see in Toronto. Mostly looking at business/professional clothing. Also, any advice on an evening place I shouldn't miss if I wanted to kill some hours?
Thanks for the invite. I don't log on here too much nowerdays but if I see this in time next time, I'll drop by.
So for anyone interested, I was informed about an outlet store approx. 1hr north of Pittsburgh. There was a Brooks Bro's store and with an instore 30% discount along with a 15% instant discount, I picked up 2 madison wool pants for $145 all in. Not too bad a place to check out but a lot of the 346 BB outlet stuff. In terms of events - there were baseball games both nights but I'm not a fan. I was very fortunate to get to see Joshua Bell play at the symphony on Saturday...
I'm driving there so not going to go to NYC. Was there in August anyway. Thanks for the tips Thinman. Even with the limited choice, sometimes the prices & exchange rates make it worth it.
So, as a Canadian, for work, I'll be in Pittsburgh for a few days in Mid April. Any good shopping recommendations? And I'll have an afternoon free, anything in particular I should really check out
I agree with most of this. I'm surprised you had that much success with Extoggery given the men's section is a hanger or 2 (at least when last I visited yrs ago).As you can tell, I've visited most of the places in the city and as previously mentioned, it's just not worth visiting frequently. Some of the better options would be the warehouse stores (e.g. Harry Rosen in Mississauga), Lipson in Etobicoke, Holts in Vaughn etc.Regardless, upscale fashion in Toronto cannot,...
Consignment wise - There's a place on Avenue north of Lawrence, on the west side of Avenue. Mostly women's stuff but some limited men's. There's a men's only place, really good stuff but pricey for being 2nd hand, at Eglington & Yonge (on Montgommery, east of Yonge, kinda tucked away behind the Timmy's). There a place supposedly on Mt. Pleasant but never been so can't comment. There's one on Jane, north of Bloor, near Annette. Never been, can't comment. There's lots of...
That was cool.
It's mostly attributed to JFK. Hats were generally falling out of favour but when he didn't wear one at his presidential inauguration, the masses followed. Likely not the sole reason (e.g. the automobile example posted earlier) but like all things, things fall in and out of favour.
Thanks for the feedback!
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