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Since everyone is talking about CPs, does anyone know which websites might put the white achilles low on sale (besides ssense and Mr Porter)?
Anybody know if Gap is carrying the old style jeans again?
How is $550 for a Fitzgerald suit? I remember getting mine a few years ago at around $400 and was wondering if I'd ever see a sale like that again.
Just wanted to share some thoughts since this thread brought to my attention that there were mechanical pencils out there other than the BIC plastic ones I've been using for ages. After seeing what you guys had said I narrowed my results down to the Uni-ball Kuru Toga and the Rotring 600. I wanted something with some weight that felt good in the hands with a solid construction. I couldn't find the all metal Kuru Toga so I went with the Rotring. I can't believe what I've...
Quote: Originally Posted by shahanshah won't verizon be on gsm with 4G ? thought cdma will be dumped LTE 4G is a different technology that will require a different radio inside the phones that Verizon sells. This way Verizon can keep its CDMA technology for phone conversations and use LTE for data. I think Verizon is currently testing voice over LTE but I'm not sure if they will release phones with LTE only radios anytime soon.
strong aware in this thread
Hey guys, I'm looking to buy my first blazer and I'm thinking about the Fitzgerald. I remember buying my first suit (Fitzgerald) for around $400 a year ago. Is $300 for the Fitzgerald blazer going to be the lowest price I'll find or should I continue to wait?
Could someone explain what the hell J. Crew factory is?
I don't think people buy J. Crew suits except you. You bought a ludlow jacket expecting it to be fully canvassed?
Quote: Originally Posted by johnH123 Is this the 'slimmer J Crew' people keep talking about? I found their lightweight secret wash shirts to be about as slim as I can go without sizing up (they seem slimmer then their normal shirts), are their new shirts ("regular fit") now slimmer in general or are people trying them on in "slim fit"? I think the "slimmer J. Crew" you're referring to is the tailored fit. I think that J. Crew realized that...
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