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Just come to Warsaw.
ok. you are right. They are handwelted.
Quote: Originally Posted by pabloj Damage means $$$, but you might not want to share, which is understandable. Oh, sorry 1200 pln that is 300 euro. My blog made him quite popular, and he recently shifted his prices form 200 euro.
Few more photos.
Quote: Originally Posted by Francisco Very nicely done.. What is the damage? There is no damage.
Quote: Originally Posted by fritzl are you sure about gyw? iirc, from another report, Mr. Wladek handwelts the shoes. looking good. As far as I know GYW process they are GYW. Can you explain briefly the difference?
Quote: Originally Posted by fox81 didnt you get monks made up from there last time? Yes. In black leather. I guess i just like the style.
I've just picked my second pair form mr Jan WilÄ…dek, a cordwainer in Warsaw, Poland. He is not as famous as Kielman or Januszkiewicz, but I think he is doing an equally good job. The shoes are goodyear welted, but a local custom is to reinforce the waist with a row of pegs. What do you think?
Quote: Originally Posted by HappyCamper Pretty warm sunny day i Gothenburg so i went sockless and desided to bring out my new panamahat for the first time. Jacket- Masimo Dutti Shirt- Barba Ps- Berg & Berg Pants- Made in the shade Details Hat- Wigens Bottom Shoes- Crockett & Jones Belgrave Feeling better about this post than the one last night... A little longer jacket and a little lower buttoning point would...
Quote: Originally Posted by Cravate_Noire Are you located in Warsaw? Next time I'll come to Poland you need to show me the shoemakers there, I am really interested in Januszkiewicz...and I need to check if my Polish is still intact. I will be happy to introduce you to few local artisans. Thank you gentleman for all you kind words, and comments.
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