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Quote: Originally Posted by vincerich Jeans and sportcoat baby....Jeans and sportcoat. Or gray flannel suit.
Quote: Originally Posted by bengal-stripe Here they are - the dimples! The shoemaker stitches through the 'holdfast', about half thickness of the insole, then he pulls each single stitch very tight. This leaves an indentation on the other side. Hurray, hurray!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by fritzl btw, i would like to see a pic from the inside, if possibile... I'm not sure if that is what you mean: and some more:
Quote: Originally Posted by fritzl i'm covered with work due to "operation paprika". Fritzl, I've just took a look at the "operation paprika" thread. No offense, but I think the shoes from polish cobblers look much better. Polish cobblers were quite famous before the war. Production in workshops like Kielman was running 2 000 pairs per year in the 30's. There was a strict specialization. A different person to make the last, another one to...
Quote: Originally Posted by fritzl just found the black monk with the "nutcracker" trees in your blog mac, thanks for your offer. i'm interested in wieladek, but not for the moment. i'm covered with work due to "operation paprika". Yes, "nutcracker" is a good name for the trees. Quote: Originally Posted by radicaldog Hmmm... does he require fittings? I think I'll try to find a conference in Warsaw this...
Stay tuned tomorrow. I will throw in some more pics. The shoes come with wooden trees. The trees are adjusted to fit the shoes. P.S. fritzl if you are interested in WielÄ…deks shoes I can go to his workshop and take some detailed photos of his oxfords and derbys.
Quote: Originally Posted by comrade Beautiful. How long did the process take from measurement to delivery? Some 8 weeks.
I don't see why not.
WielÄ…dek is just one of many skilled cobblers we have here in Warsaw but his price/ quality ratio is the best.
The shoes are hand welted. I've seen him working on another pair, and I could see the welt.
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