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Here is a little photo-story form Januszkiewicz atelier. He, and famous Kielman are considered two best cobblers in town. I just received my first pair made by him. and finally- my shoes:
Quote: Originally Posted by luftvier This is swell. THose are natural shoulders, yeah? There is some little padding. Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Very, very good stuff! What country are those bespoke makers from? Both tailors are from Warsaw, Poland.
Thank you guys for your kind words. Niidwag3- you will find the fabric in Scabal Mosaic book.
Today: coat- Sebastian Żukowski bespoke trousers- Kazimierz Mystkowki bespoke shirt- DaVinci MTM tie- E.G. Cappelli shoes- C&J
Quote: Originally Posted by Cary Grant Nice. Details on the trouser cloth? Drapers 6174, 450 g Quote: Originally Posted by MBreinin This is excellent in all ways. Mike Thank you. Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan The top half is very nice, with the exception of the collar of your jacket, which looks loose. However, overall, I think the outfit stumbles big due to the trouser/jacket...
today combo: coat- Zara shirt- DaVinci MTM pants- Zaremba&Kaminski bespoke shoes C&J
Hello Gents, My today combo coat- Zaremba&Kaminski bespoke shirt- Emanuel Berg tie- Sam Hober pants- Zara shoes- Jan Wielądek bespoke
Casual wednesday. coat- Sebastian Żukowski bespoke shirt- E. Berg tie- E. Berg cotton pants- Oscar Jacobson shoes- C&J
I'm so lost in this conversation. You guys, and your SF small talk...
Good tips Fritzl. Thank you.
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