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Quote: Originally Posted by bengal-stripe The leathers for the Weinheimer (Freudenberg) company are tanned by Kegar in Kepice. Just looked it up on google-map: Skoczów and Kepice are not at all close to each other. I must contact those tanners. Great info. Thanks Bengal.
Few more shots as requested:
Quote: Originally Posted by Michael Ay329 Am unsure where it was initially made. But the company folded, then some former employees/craftsmen revived it under a different company name and I believe its now made in Poland If it's made in Poland it is probably made in Skoczów. Januszkiewicz told me Skoczów factory indeed send skins to Germany. Skoczów factory is main supplier to Januszkiewicz. Quote: Originally Posted by...
Is this German leather?
Iceball, if you ever come to Warsaw, I will be happy to help translating for you.
Around 0 in Warsaw. No, he doesn't speak English. He speaks some German I guess.
I'm no expert on leather quality, but in terms of style they are superb. Slim waist, beautify shaped toe, nice details... And of course they are bespoke so it's really difficult to compare to RTW shoes.
Quote: Originally Posted by BernieStevens Beautiful shoes! And the price is MORE than amazing. How long did it take? Around 6 weeks.
Yes, he makes slim waist. He is also very precise in details.
I've paid 1800 PLN that is some 450 euros. Polish cobblers don't use fittings. At firs meeting they take measurements and discuss style. During second meeting you simply pick up finished shoes. Of course if anything goes wrong cobbler will make you a new pair. But I don't think it happens often with Januszkieiwcz. He has a lot of experience. He learned his trade during WWII and been a cobbler ever since.
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