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I've just ordered 280-310 g. fresco in wheat for an unlined suit. It will be SB 3 roll to 2 buttons, patch pockets. Trousers with turn ups and and two pleats. I will share photos one the suit is finished.
Will, thanks. That solves my dilemma. Frsco it will be.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lightbringer The fresco is somewhat thicker (even the lightest Minnis fresco), with a porous weave and slightly rough handle. The dye has significant variation/"mottling", which makes it much more casual. The casual look of fresco is what I like about the cloth. I was only concern about durability. I read somewhere that fresco will not hold crease well. Any thought on that?
It is going to be my first quarterlind suit. I'm planing SB 3 btts roll to two, patch pockets (not sure about double stitching on pockets). I'd rather go for fresco for it's informal feel but I'm concerned about durability. What is longevity of the stitches on this loose wave? Do you guys have any experiences with fresco and mohair (25% by John Foster) and can give me some comparison?
today: jacket: Sebastian ┼╗ukowski bespoke troursers: KAzimierz Mystkowski bespoke shirt: Francesco Merolla bespoke shoes C&J
Today: coat: Mazurczak & Trzaska bespoke shirt: DaVinci MTM trousers: Salvatore Ambrosi bespoke tie: Sam Hober shoes: Loding "Douets"
Quote: Originally Posted by meister No I mean use my shoe as a 'sizing template' to create one of his shoe designs. I've passed you question to mr Januszkiewicz. He told me your foot it the best sizing template he can think of.
Quote: Originally Posted by smmea Warsaw was my second hometown, didnt know that smb. made such great shoes there. Where exactly is this guy Chmielna number ...? I used to go at a music club at the end of chmielna called "cul de sac", great street lots of art and spirit. It's no 10.
I will ask.
I don't think any artisan will be happy to make duplicates of someone's work.
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