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Quote: Originally Posted by IronRock Fully inspired by macaroni - just wish I had someone to take nice pics of me too... but in my case the PS was bright yellow.
^ That's Mariusz Biłek, the new cutter at Zaremba. Zaremba himself at (in?) the background.
Quote: Originally Posted by NOBD Nice suit and shoes, macaroni. What fabric is that? Drapers cotton, the latest SS collection I think. I don't remember the number.
today: unlined and unstructured cotton suit: Zaremba Bespoke shirt: DaVinci MTM shoes: Jan Wielądek bespoke tie: Sam Hober socks: Marcoliani
Quote: Originally Posted by kruze love this pic. zajebscie... It spells "ZAJEBIŚCIE"
Today: suit: Sartoria Partenopea Napoli/ Balthazar MTM shirt: DaVinci MTM tie, PS: Sam Hober shoes: C&J
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Thats a cool gif. Nice hot day outfit too, but there is no excuse for not tucking your shirt in! I knew it will stir up controversy. P.S. Am I the only one having problems with blogger last few hours?
Very sunny and hot day in Warsaw yesterday. coat: Zaremba Kamiński bespoke shirt: Mc Neal trousers: Mystkowski bespoke shoes: C&J
Quote: Originally Posted by Holdfast Like this. Think you've posted it before, and I said the same then, but it bears repeating! No, It's the first time I'm posting it.
Coat: Mazurczak & Trzaska bespoke trousers: Mystkowski bespoke shirt, tie: Emanuel Berg Shoes: C&J PS: Calabrese.
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