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It fits and looks good on me. I'm a kind of a guy RTW stuff is made for. The jacket is already in 60% reduction, so I don't expect it to get any less expensive. I will try to buy it anyway if it's still there /it's an outlet, one piece only/. If I"˜ll buy it I will post pictures.
The thing is I live in Poland, and I don't have many options here. Zegna is the only decent maker on the market. And about the jacket- the shoulders looked pretty amazing /spalta camicia- that"˜s what you call it a guess/ the line was called Zegna Heritage or something... but I have to check where was it made. The fabric was lovelly... pure cashmere. By the way, does it wear well? Is it durable?
I have found a Zegna sportcoat at outlet store. It's brown herringbone, my size, fits perfectly, looks and feels great. The cloth is a 100% cashmere. The only think is the price- it cost around 1000 $ /2,500 $ before reduction/. Do You gentleman think it is worth the price?
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