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Today: coat Mazurczak and Trzaska bespoke trousers Kazimierz Mystkowski bespoke shoes Andrea Ventura Firenze scarf Massimo Dutti
Yesterday in Warsaw: coat: Mazurczak and Trzaska bespoke denim shirt: Cristiantex trousers: Levis 511 shoes: Crockett & Jones tie: Sam Hober
Tailor adjusted the single cuffs.
Tailor adjusted the single cuffs.
today: Coat: Mazurczak & Trzaska bespoke shirt: Merolla bespoke tie: Hober trousers: Levis 511 shoes: Carmina cordovan
Yes I did! Thanks for inspiration mate. It is a grossa. Now I want to experiment with unlined multifold grenadines
cotton coat: Zaremba bespoke shirt: DaVinci MTM trousers: Dockers shoes: SW1 Vendomes tie: Sam hober untipped grenadine with rolled edges.
I liked yours 6x2 DB's much more Matt.Is it Rubinacci?
coat- Mazurczak & Trzaska bespoke trousers- Salvatore Ambrosi shirt- DaVinci MTM tie- Sam Hober shoes- Carmina socks- Marcoliani
Bought it on line at smithfabrics.com
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