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I strongly recommend Hunter's. Not cheap, but they're very well made. My Hunter Sovereign's
I received an email from Edwards of Manchester today... "New & exclusive Gaziano & Girling collection - arriving in store 10th December! The launch of the new & exclusive Gaziano & Girling for Edwards of Manchester collection is just a week away!! The collection will only be available to Edwards of Manchester customers - in our Deansgate store and online from 10th December." Tony Gaziano will be attending the launch. Have G&G done an exclusive range for anyone...
I walked pass Loding (St Germain) recently - not exactly my best photos but I think you get the picture...
I took this a while ago to demonstrate some genuine logos... may have time for more later.
These are my Tricker's Herman boots in mogano shell. Every so often you can pick them up from the Tricker's eBay store. I haven't had any problems with water.
I agree with most of the comments in this thread. You may also find the advice of Ken Rockwell useful regarding the use of wide angle lenses, especially useful Sometimes the "wide effect" can be put to good use. The other way of dealing with the problem is Photoshop. I've removed most of the impact in the photo below.
To add a few options which haven't been covered... Tricker's Lambourn JLP Tudor
Whilst trying not to buy any shoes, I saw these... Tricker's Mayfair burnished monks
I recently puchased a pair of Hunters. I considered Le Chameau and Aigle but the fit wasn't right. Some of Hunters are made for large calf muscles and you can find the sizing on their website I don't believe there is actually much difference in quality and durability if you are paying over £100. A lot of it comes down to style. These are my Hunter Sovereign's... handmade with leather lining...
I have the Scarsdale, which I'm told is the Weymouth without the medallion.
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