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I've been buying Tricker's shoes for quite a while... I've always been very happy with them... Belgrave Piccadilly [ Piccadilly Lambourn Herman Richmond Mayfair Stow
x-posted... EG Sandringham for Kurt Geiger G&G Wigmore MTO Tricker's Piccadillly in snuff Repello Tricker's Stow Cheaney Colt
Barker Black
Quote: Originally Posted by jet What is sizing like on the stows? I take a 9.5 UK and they are true to size. The box is marked 10 US. All of the country lasts should accomodate thicker socks, so you can afford to downsize by 0.5 if you want to. I did this on a pair of Tricker's Herman Boots and haven't had any problems.
Tricker's Stow Boots Marraca Janus Suede... another new addition...
Quote: Originally Posted by banis Received my shoes this morning. Almost perfect fit. Very nice...
Arrived this week... Tricker's Stow in Marraca Janus Suede
Quote: Originally Posted by Girardian Any feedback on the wear of these shoes? Leather quality seems good but not as good as it could be. I've been wearing my shoes for six months and they're wearing well. I'm happy with the leather. Cliff has access to better leather, but I believe there is a small uplift in the cost for this. If you want something more exotic, I believe this is also possible. Quote: Originally Posted by...
I strongly recommend Hunter's. Not cheap, but they're very well made. My Hunter Sovereign's
I received an email from Edwards of Manchester today... "New & exclusive Gaziano & Girling collection - arriving in store 10th December! The launch of the new & exclusive Gaziano & Girling for Edwards of Manchester collection is just a week away!! The collection will only be available to Edwards of Manchester customers - in our Deansgate store and online from 10th December." Tony Gaziano will be attending the launch. Have G&G done an exclusive range for anyone...
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