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They are on the 348 last. Also sold here http://www.mandbgents.com/crockettandjones/mto/
Cheaney in the UK produce minimum runs of 12 pairs. I believe they will effectively make whatever design and colours you want, and brand them to your requirements. Depending on style, C&J and Tricker's definitely make for other brands. I'm not sure about their minimum run requirement.
Quote: Originally Posted by hst Thanks, Pengranger. I was indeed quoted between £450-£650 for shoes from the factory shop. How much are they retailing at Jermyn St now? At a price range of £450-£650, I imagine it is only about 30% off Jermyn St prices. When I visited a few months ago, Prestige were at least £750 and went up to £1035 for the St Crepin. I think the Chapel's were around £850.
Quote: Originally Posted by hst Hi, just to clarify - do you mean the original retal price of loafers start around £450 and Prestige around £650, or are these already the I been offered a JL City II second/sale stock for £504, which I thought is on the high side. Would you know if one could order by email during the sale period. Cheers. Quote: Originally Posted by hst The JL factory prices of £200-250 are...
I'd wait until the sales in June. You may find this the most cost effective method. You've probably missed the boat at the JLP factory shop. Prices are now around 80% of retail for seconds (although very good seconds), with limited choice. Loafers were starting around £450 and Prestige around £650. Some bargains can still be had at Cheaney, C&J and Barkers. The remainder appear to have slammed the door and firmly bolted it. Maybe they will learn... It will...
X-posted. Forgot about this thread... Cheaney FS029 C&J Tetbury Tricker's Stow
Quote: Originally Posted by FidelCashflow ^ wowza, nice boots. I had the same issue with John Lobb parisian brown shoes. Turns out, JL just reccomends plain old brown shoe polish... except they charged me 16 pounds for a jar. the standard JLP cream is the standard Saphir - you can well by looking at the colour label. Once you know what colour, order elsewhere!
Quote: Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH Does anybody have a detailed picture of the black museum calf? I don't think I have ever seen it in person (maybe I have?) but in all online pictures it just looks solid black... These are my Brooklands in black museum calf. I now use black cream and wax, and at some point they will just look plain old black. The museum finish is interesting, but I should just have bought black...
Another option which may be of interest... and my preferred option at this price point... Alfred Sargent Epsom
Quote: Originally Posted by Francisco Looks nice on the side. Could you post a top view as well? Is it a JM Weston? They are the C&J Finsbury on last 341. No bad for £110.
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