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X-posted... My recent Barker Blacks
Quote: Originally Posted by Xenon Cliff just sent me these pics of my ankle boots. They are not finished but should be so in 2 or so weeks! They are just as I had envisioned. The wait is going to kill me! Wow, they look interesting... The leather looks great - did you choose the standard or bespoke quality? Will they be antiqued in any way, or is this the final colour?
My contribution...
I suggest contacting John Lobb direct. Email Jean Lack at the factory shop to see if she can help you The last time I asked, the cost was around £140. Going to a store will obviously cost more.
I guess it's easier if you come from England - it's pronounced "bew-lee". In France, where it originated - it's pronounced "bowl-lew". So the education came useful for something
I suggest you try these from Saphir. I use the Ouraline on my boots and they come up great.
These are my Luffield's in Plum Museum. They don't have such distinct mottling as the other shoes posted. Great colour though!
Quote: Originally Posted by slicer Would it be a sound conclusion to make that if the shoes have closed channel and oak barked sole, it has to be from the signature range? It's possible, but not always the case. Cheaney will make shoes under special order - they will make up shoes to whatever specification is requested. If you find a pair with closed channel oak bark soles, and you like them, just buy them - you won't regret it!
Quote: Originally Posted by remo72tg Got these in the mail from Cheany yesterday, Welcome to the FS029 club! Wear them in good health. rabiesinfrance asked about the quality of the leather. I think it's similar to boots I have by C&J and Trickers. Mine are wearing well - I'm really happy with them.
You may wish to look at the Herring Shoes website for Cheaney. There are a number of ranges, including one specifically for Herring. The Avantgarde range is described as having a "more contemporary twist, both in the design and last shape". Some of the Signature range do have closed channel oak bark soles - I've got some myself. Construction across the current range doesn't differ too much - they are all well made, however better leather is used the more expensive...
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