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You could try the Shoe Healer - they specialise in Tricker's custom shoes.
Fantastic looking shoes. If you've already got the other bases covered, it's an interesting option.
Separated at birth?
I wouldn't say they are ugly or fuglely. They are well made, but an aquired taste. For me there is too much broguing on the straps. You could get this made MTO if you really wanted. Why not just go to Edward Green for their Westminster?
I don't know why, but I always get compliments when i'm wearing these - JLP Marston
A few new pairs arrive recently. Here's the first...
Quote: Originally Posted by Coatwright It pleases me greatly to read how highly you rate the Invertere coats. Invertere ARE still manufacturing coats in England although only selling direct to the end customer. Having read many of the posts on Style Forum it appears American men are still far more passionate and knowledgable about their clothing than us Brits. Coatwright, I presume you have a connection with Invertere? I've searched the net...
For really inclement weather, I bought the Sorel Caribou boots. Otherwise, I think most of the hiking boot options are reasonable suggestions. I agree with the comments about not sitting around in them.
Quote: Originally Posted by rabiesinfrance It appears that Tim Little's brilliant "style concept" is to put a rubber sole onto a pair Grenson "Albert", make them in dark brown and up the price. What a load of bollocks! All to do with branding. I had no idea about Tim Little when I bought the shoes. For £100 they were a bargain. If you like the shoes and they fit, who cares about branding?
I bought a pair of Tim Little "Bumble Bee" shoes a while ago. They are a country style design and are very sturdy. The quality is at least as good as Tricker's.
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