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MichaelThe shoes are navy calf. I've got too many black shoes so I wanted something a little different. They look great with a blue suit.
I haven't posted here for ages! This is one from a while ago but I still love my Wigmores
I appreciate some people have extremely high expectations of their footwear. I've previously had a pair of shoes from Cliff and have just received another. Whilst not the fastest delivery, I'm over the moon with the quality and finishing. I don't know anywhere else who can provide a pair of BESPOKE shoes for this price. I will be ordering again. You take a chance on these things and mine has worked out fantastically well. It's a pity others hasn't, but I wouldn't let...
Cliff Roberts Bespoke shoes - last and shoe trees by Springline Hi all. I've recently received my Bespoke shoes from Cliff Roberts. I'm over the moon with the quality! Enjoy
Quote: Originally Posted by PairOfDerby's I don't rate Tricker's or Loake too much. Church's are brilliant. I have a pair of Chelsea boots on right now and they feel like slippers. They will outlast anything. Also, why are Oliver Sweeney and Jeffrey West not on these lists? Welcome to the forum. I see you've not been around long... Tricker's make great value shoes that will last for years. They have a certain style which can be a love or...
Quote: Originally Posted by ljrcustom What does SUBS mean on all of the C&J boxes? Thanks. -LR "SUBS" means "Sub standard" or "Seconds". They are shoes that C&J won't or can't sell at retail as there is something wrong with the shoe. Usually, even to the trained eye, you can't tell what's wrong with them. The sources these shoes were obtained from normally ensure that they are "as new", or it would be very clear during the sale. This...
Quote: Originally Posted by Ahab I apologize if this is not the place for this. Has anyone seen this: http://cgi.ebay.com/Vintage-Rolex-Su...#ht_768wt_1141 I love the Q&A Over $61k already, and 5 days to go! That's some watch to have sitting in a drawer...
Quote: Originally Posted by Xenon These are really nice! Are they on the 8000 last? JLP Marstons are on the 7000 last.
You could try the Shoe Healer - they specialise in Tricker's custom shoes. https://www.shoehealer.co.uk/Tricker...ker_s_Gallery/
Fantastic looking shoes. If you've already got the other bases covered, it's an interesting option.
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