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Don't move you arms!!!!! Stand normal. A tailor would smack you.
No loss that it doesn't fit. It is a ugly jacket.
I just picked up 2 out of 5 bespoke suits from this tailor at a thrift store. The quality is honestly mindblowing and on the level of any other Savile Row tailor. I will admit though the handwork, although beautiful, is a bit overwhelming, yet very clean. I googled the tailor and cannot find any info. All the suits were made 1993-1995.
From the OP's description it sounds like what most tailors would call a herringbone. If indeed it is a herringbone, it is a great way to introduce texture or dimension to a wardrobe if you are a solid suit kind-of-person. History: Gordon Gekko's DB in the Greed speech was Lesser 11oz. deep navy blue. They still make the same clothe today.
Quote: Originally Posted by david809 Are they cutting corners these days? My old Drakes ties are all self tipped and self loop, the ones I see at Barneys these days are not. Tasteful neats, though. The buyer of the ties has to make that choice when merchandising. At PS and Flusser we always had them self tipped and looped. But the customer (the store/brand) must have that in their order when buying.
A lot tailors, especially in NY, and even on Savile Row will send either the jacket out, or the trousers. After the first two suits, there is really no need to do raw tryons anymore, and the suits can just go to a slipon form, unless you are going from SB to DB, etc. I saw that customers with physical issues with their legs, extreme bowlegged and such, would have the jacket sent out for CMT and the pants would be made in house so a raw tryon could be done.
Quote: Originally Posted by Cuttingboard Is Nicki Glaser the manufacturer of ties? Just curious because I did a search and cannot find them. Glazer Imports is the USA distributor. They are the rep for Truzzi; Colombo ; Sartoria Partenopea, Valenitni, Sutor Mantellassi and others.
Quote: Originally Posted by Will Quality construction and nearly impeccable taste. There are others with comparable or slightly better makes but most of them will sell you a tie that you regret buying almost immediately. Their taste level is indeed the highest out of any maker around. Nicki/Glazer is the only other maker that is on their level, that I have experience with. Both those makers are usually used together ie; Polo uses both, Paul...
That is indeed him. Usually see him changing subway lines in the morning, and he's easy to spot.
Quote: Originally Posted by rnoldh I had thought that Bijan once used Belvest as a producer.Despos wondered if Bijan ever actually used Belvest and he was almost certainly right that he did not. I knew that Bijan used D Avenza, but I thought that he had once used Belvest previously. It was probably St. Andrews. A good reason why it was SA was when Harrison James grew off after the NYC closure, SA was the maker because they had a relationship...
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