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Quote: Originally Posted by tazmaniac Thanks, Tony, thanks Paolo. Now the choice is almost overwhelming.... New Deluxe is an extremely good value. The yardage cost is extremely low compared its competitors. I have made suits from that book for a customer and they came out fantastic. I, and coworkers have made endless amounts of odd trousers from that book, even once a dinner jacket.
New Deluxe. Doesn't get my boring than that. That book is odd trouser heaven however.
I am thinking of buying my first pair of Belgian Shoes. I love the design and ascetically fits what I need. The issue is, how do they wear? I would probably get the rubber soled ones so I can wear them with both jeans and a suit, but also because I am in Manhattan and have to deal with the physical elements here. They are "house" shoes but have they changed over the years to handle a full day of work and maybe even a light commute by train and bus?
No one has ever heard of this person/group?
A tailor who wil make anything for you, takes the fun out of going custom. The prestige of saying you're a client of _____________, is lost.
"If a tailor is willing to make you anything you want, you're probably in the wrong place." -Flusser
Noticed on here from photos that people that have bought very high end shows final sale, that have holes drilled into the button to prevent returns. While I have the advantage of just buying Grensons at cost at work, I am looking at a great loafer on eBay that has to holes drilled into the bottom. They are near the heel and wouldn't touch the ground, but does this effect the shoe's wear and performance?
3 NWOT Charvet Knit Ties 1 RL Tie (They had 10000, but this one was one I was planning to buy at retail anyway) 2 Unworn Bespoke suits from unknown tailor (Ron Morley) Total: $20.86
Quote: Originally Posted by Leaveitothexperts I've been thinking about embarking on a project to attempt my hand at making a jacket, what are the chances this will end well??? Anyway, I called the H&S store in NYC and they said that don't "normally" sell to individuals but could do a one time favor if the customer really wanted it. I know, you're wondering what the title implies . . . . . . so after some small talk on available fabrics/designs...
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