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Quote: Originally Posted by idfnl Generally speaking bro, if you have to ask this question yo might consider looking elsewhere. I'd also conjecture that nobody on the row wants to be that guy. I'd love to say that is true but I have plenty of customers whether they get a $650 MTM trouser (the lowest price) or a $4,800 Custom Tuxedo, they ask. The only people that never ask or people that can do over $15,000. Even my first 12K guy was price...
Lightening it on fire might do the trick!
No leads on what happened to my thread? From what it looks like on this thread no one mentioned it here. Cannot think of any rules I broke in my 3rd time selling on here.
Anyone know what happened with my thread? Not the first time I sold on here; no idea what happened. Took forever to put that huge thing together.
When I was at Flusser we had T's that were this much. The actual manufacturing cost was more than anyone here we even pay for a t-shirt. In their case, at cost the T is probably $125 at least. Added: Anyone remember that this was listed in Style and the Man as an essential wardrobe item?
A 60 year old crocodile skin belt my grandmother hand made. As of late, my Grenson Masterpiece suede monks.
Quote: Originally Posted by Patek I like the first two PS shirts. The sleeve length is right, but my neck size is 17. Damn! You can get the collar changed, that is if you are OK with a white collar?
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