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Quote: Originally Posted by shoreman1782 Doubtful, as they don't make shirts. Gambert Daughters
Quote: Originally Posted by UncleCozy Patch pockets on a DB is a big no-no in my book. Interesting material, will pair well with many many things! (though not pp's) Then you're missing out on one of the staples of men's tailored clothing.
Quote: Originally Posted by [IMG[/IMG] This is a hybrid of a type of english sport coat. I forget the name of it, but now people would think it is costume. I have an old picture of a Flusser RTW one from 1997 at Saks, if I can find it, I'll upload it to explain what it is.
Oxxford and Pal Zileri 42L's and Armani shirt
2 hours left! Buy two+ items, FREE SHIPPING ON ALL
If anyone remember my beautiful friend Alexis from Aaron's (Mack) last sample sale, she works in the Nordstrom Mens Dept in Pittsburgh. I'll gladly connect anyone to her if they wish.
Paul Stuart has began. The tables are out!
Still looks ridiculous.
Quote: Originally Posted by RSS I recall getting the invoice for the $2400 pair of trousers. Prior to that I'd never asked the price. Following that incident I've always asked. For the guy that clearly looks like he is trying to get the cheapest way out, I'll admit I notice it in seconds and before I really was trained in retail, I might sigh. Now I tell everyone the price the same way, in the same tone. Think of the scene in the Savile Row...
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