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Some spread collars do not lay well unbuttoned. As Flusser demonstrates in DTM the buttondown collar is meant for casual wear unbuttoned.
Grenson Masterpiece for Paul Stuart *
Quote: Originally Posted by Aldehyde Doesn't Tom Ford make very structured garments? I recall a Jeffery D blog post where he tore into a TF jacket and it had 3 layers of chest canvas. Tom Ford is based off of a modern drape suit aka his personal Anderson & Sheppard clothing. The Paul Stuart "Stuart" and "Stuart's Choice" and "LTD" models is an example of a structured soft suit. The shoulders are very round and chest is big. You can have...
Quote: Originally Posted by saiyar1 No, it should. That's a financially irresponsible statement. There's a huge difference between spending money on a watch and parting with money that goes straight to the government for who-knows-what. Tell that to hedge fund managers who manage billions and carefully structure every action they take to avoid tax (income, cap gains, etc.) Shipping their MTM shirts to other homes in other states.....
More spread, keep point lenght, bottom of collar most be "scooped out" as we say, to help it lay and "spread"- out. That collar is simply poorly designed (not your fault)
Quote: Originally Posted by JayJay True, although the jackets are still a bit short. An SA told me that they go down at least a size on all the models. This is true among any brand in the world that sells products. It is to save on having to alter garments for models. Clothing used for shoots usually goes back into stock to be sold. In fact Syms once had a bunch of RLBL stuff that was used for their website, it still had tags attached to it...
Wait you think you can get a new custom suit in 2.5 weeks? Or did you mean going to a custom tailor for alts?
Quote: Originally Posted by blahman ^^^ tombking might be comically short so Thom Brown's comically short clothes might actually be the right length for him! You should head over to SW&D board and ask over there. They tolerate this kind of thing more. Those aren't the right proportions for anybody. But that's another argument.
My answer: No one should be wearing clothing like that in 2011.
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