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You have to understand it is MTM and you cannot get everything you want. If the house style or model you chose at this store doesn't have these features off the rack, you probably won't get them MTM. Of course you change certain styling things, slanted pockets, vents, etc etc etc. If you wanted 5 buttons on your cuff overlapping, and you had it made at Brooks Brothers, I'm pretty sure you're not getting them. Some stores are more lenient than others. Getting a solid black...
This is from a licensing they have with various discount stores. They come in these nice looking boxes you'd get when you buy a fine Italian shirt, however they're made in China and they come in style you'd find with Calvin Klein and other low end junk. Seen them at Century 21 and Filenes. Luciano Barbera has started to do this as well. The collar styles are actually tasteful and the cloth is a good rip off of the real deal. They retail around $60 something. So actually...
The cloth is also Lesser, W. Bill, John Hardy, Harrisons, etc.
Quote: Originally Posted by yndmrk91 Are they all fully canvassed? I bought one off ebay which was a low cashmere blend and I can't tell if it is full or half, but after I got it fitted I love it! PS is always fully canvassed. PS has incredibly high standards. The Canadian make is just the beginning to the levels of quality PS offers.
Quote: Originally Posted by S. Able Does construction differ at all from the standard Samuelsohn make? Being hand cut is for sure one. Because Paul Stuart has some soft shoulder models handwork is required in the shoulders. In fact they need to be made by hand to let give properly. They're made with silk thread, which believe it or not isn't very common in factory made clothing. But also one of the reasons people buy it at PS is the customer...
Wait, what is GF? PS's Canadian make is extremely good. The shoulders and armholes are constructed by hand, it is fully canvassed and the rest of the suit is finished by machine. They are handcut however.
They're calling forward pleats..reverse pleats? Look how full those legs are! I am so happy all my Flusser and A&S pants I got handed down will still be fashionable.
Quote: Originally Posted by Philip1978 You don't have the proper body size for those skinny lapels. You may not be heavy, but those lapels make you look much larger than I am sure you actually are. It is a very awkward look. As someone that makes clothes for people, I'd highly recommend a 3.25" (at least) to 3.5" lapel for you
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